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Pastificio Martelli

Our craft pasta ( “Spaghetti”, ”Penne Classiche”, ”Spaghettini” and ”Maccheroni di Toscana”) is made by slowly kneading the best durum-wheats with cold water. The bronze-drawing gives the pasta a rough texture. It is then dried at a “ low traditional temperature” (33-36°C) for about 50 hours (depending on the weather).

The result is a tasty and porous pasta which allows the sauces to be absorbed well.

Only the members of the family work in the pasta factory. They combine long years of professionalism with the passion for keeping up the Italian craft tradition of making pasta.

invite you to come to Lari, near Pisa: we will show you how we produce our pasta.

Fruit preserve Alpe...

Our most appreciated products are fruit preserves, which we produce in 25 exquisite varieties, using for all of them 70% fruit, some Sicilian lemon juice, a little sugar or sweet agave syrup and apple pectin. That’s all! We are convinced that you can tell. Taste them in the 110g jar, enjoy them in the 340g jar, and guzzle them from the large 600g bellied jar with decorations in relief.
And now a linguistic digression: why are our products called “Fruit preserves” and not just “Marmalades” or “Jams”? It’s required by law: The name “Marmalade” is used only for products made of citrus fruits. For other fruit flavours, the name “Jam” is normally used. But jams have a rather high sugar content, whereas in our products this is reduced to 30% at the most. This means that in our jars you will find more fruit and less sugar. That’s why we can call them “Fruit preserves”.

The farm Bittarelli

Our farm is located 300 metres on the sea level on the Trasimeno hills in Poggio del Sole district.
The Bittarelli’s have lived and worked in this land since 1940, first as farmers and then, since 1970, as owners and just in 1970 our farm saw the light.
This farm, a family-owned farm, is 30 hectares large, its productions are mainly cereals and uses the crop rotation method and the low fertilization in order to obtain a better quality harvest.
Since 2003, we started to produce national spelts, barley, chickpeas, grass peas and Trasimento small beans (Fagiolina del Trasimeno), a very ancient legume which locates in these lands its ideal clima and ground. As a matter of fact it's unique and has such a high quality. It has been preserved by the Fagiolina del Trasimeno Consortium since 2003.

Urbani Truffles

The family tree starts with Constantino Urbani in 1852, when he began exporting fresh truffles to Carpentras, France, thus creating a business that has become increasingly larger and more relevant through the years. Exports quickly expanded to France, Germany, Switzerland and at the same time to other Italian regions. After Constantino, came Paolo Urbani Senior, and then Carlo Urbani. Carlo Urbani, with the invaluable help of his wife Olga, not only became a pioneer of truffle cultivation in Italy, but also a great entrepreneur who reorganized his company putting the focus on his beloved truffle hunters. This is how Urbani Truffles, nowadays and internationally renowned company, was born. Back then like today, a passion drives us every day: love for truffles. Paolo and Bruno Urbani, Olga and Carlo senior’s sons, are the fourth generation of the family. It’s thanks to them that the company was transformed into a big and beautiful one, but still family-run, a true technologically advanced industry. Paolo Urbani, who really succeeded in giving the family jewel a new face, was also appointed “Cavaliere del Lavoro” for making the truffle a feather in the cap of the Italian market, a product popular all over the world. Bruno Urbani, after holding important public service positions in the industrial as well as in the banking Italian world, is currently leading the Group. He is now completely devoted to his activity, a precious teacher for the future generations.

Acetaia Castelli
All productions are obtained with genuine top quality raw materials , without the use of chemical additives or artificial flavorings (caramel , dyes , aromatic substances , gum arabic , etc . ) .
The cooked must only ingredient along with the time , comes from Lambrusco grapes , Trebbiano and Spergola grown with centuries of experience . The juice is made ​​from a soft pressing , cooked over direct heat for days and nights , acetified during the winter and placed in barrels for aging
Menz & Gasser

Menz & Gasser was founded in Lana (BZ) in 1935 as a fruit processing company, soon specializing in the production of high quality jams and semi-processed fruit. In 1974, the business was transferred to Novaledo (in Trentino) and, in 2004, a second production facility was acquired in Verona, to cope with the growing demand of the market.
The core business is that of single portion jams for Ho.Re.Ca., for which Menz & Gasser is today’s European leader.